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Has Comic Sans been saved? Hello Comic Neue.


So has a three year project to save Comic Sans from being the most hated, (some would argue love to hate) typeface.

Although the font has been widely ridiculed, Craig Rozynski Australian designer, set himself the task to resurrect the font to redefine its very essence. Has he succeeded? Since it was released on Monday it has had over 100,000 downloads. Check it out! Even download it if you wish. I honestly can’t believe that it’s back with a vengeance. Does it work though?

Has it been a success?

Or will it continue to be the most hated typeface that the majority of designers have nightmares, and even phobias about?

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The ‘Copenhagen’ Portable, Wireless Speaker by Vifa

Vifa is a Danish speaker company which has been making very high-quality speaker devices since the 1930’s. Now they are about to release its first complete audio system which has been a long time coming if you ask me. It will become available in Spring 2014. Vifa has this beautiful was of combing excellent high-qaulity tech and minimal aesthetics for their combined Scandinavian design.


Specifications: 268 x 362 x 90(mm) // Weight 4.65 kg // One piece die cast aluminium frame // ABS reinforced enclosure // Custom made Kvasdrt textile frill // Available in 6 colours

Connections: Bluetooth aptX // WiFi direct // WiFi networked // Wired optical or analog(3.5 mm jack) // Wired USB(only iOS device at the moment)

Other Features: Apple AirPlay // Works with dina // DSP signal processing // Lithium lon battery // Force Balanced Woofers // Digital pure path amplifiers.

The App is already out, so the speaker it’s self has got to be coming out soon to stores and online very soon.

Check out for more info.

Glowing Trees - ‘That could replace street lights in the not so distant future’ - Design and Architecture

DEZEEN and MINI FRONTIERS: Dutch Designer and Arcitect ‘Daan Roosegaarde is exploring the bio-luminescent qualities of Jellyfiah and Mushrooms. WHY? To create a glow-in-the-dark tree that could replace everyones street lights. 

*Biomimicry: is the method of imitating models and systems found in nature to solve complex design issues. One of the biological phenomena that fascinated Roosegaarde was how animals like jellyfish and fireflies generate their own light.